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Maximum one lifetime drench!

AVALON Genetics

Breeding high performance, multi-disease resistant, low input sheep

with less chemical and labour inputs to improve farmer's profits.


Avalon Ultimate is New Zealand's first true high performance, multi-disease resistant, low input sheep that meets animal welfare standards. Less drenching, dagging and docking. This is the ultimate lifestyle sheep for farmers.

SIL 4548


Avalon Perendale is the mainstay of Avalon Genetics. 50yrs of performance recording, 30yrs of worm resistance, low dag score selection, and 14yrs of facial eczema Ramguard™ testing.

SIL 845


Texels are a high performance, multi-disease resistance breed, maternal and terminal options, worm resistant and selected for facial eczema tolerance.

SIL 4626


All sheep fully SIL recorded plus  WormFEC Gold™ and Ramguard™ tested

Multi-disease Resistance

Learn more about our multi-disease resistant sheep

About Us

Avalon Genetics is a family owned organic farm of 12,500 sheep and beef stock units. We span two properties, Bonnieview and Avalon, and are located near Heriot, West Otago, New Zealand.

L-R: Grace, Sonia, James and Allan Richardson

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