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21 Jun 2018

Back in the mid-1990s, the New Zealand sheep industry missed a great opportunity. As sheep performance climbed so did the inputs driving this production increase.

The NZ sheep industry can be proud of the doubling of export lamb from half the breeding ewes but when you look closer at the increase, much of it came from increased reliance on the drench gun.

In 1994, the science behind selection for worm resistance was proven and packaged by Agresearch scientist John McEwan. However, the genetic focu...

15 Dec 2017

In this video you'll see how a joint venture can be a win-win for both equity investor and farmer.

35 years after my father, Colin Richardson, did one of New Zealand's first joint ventures on farm, we have brought in Scott and Kjersti Walker as equity partners on our Bonnieview farm. Bonnieview has been run organically for 20 years and is home of the Avalon Genetics stud flock, focusing on high performance sheep based on a low input farming system. 

5 Nov 2017

As Promised this is the article I wrote for the NZ Farmer magazine that will be appearing in Monday 6th November's edition article for NZ Farmer.

Synthetic Proteins – Major Threat or Opportunity

At a time when livestock farming in NZ is facing its greatest threat, we could also be, if we chose, be on the verge of exciting new times for our industry.

Synthetic proteins have appeared out of nowhere in the last 5 years and it is only a matter of time if we do nothing, before they start to hurt NZ far...

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Allan Richardson on Avalon Genetics

We're really happy with our latest Genetics video and welcome comment on all the new things that we're doing here at Avalon.

Joint Venture Farmin New Zealand

In this video you'll see how a joint venture can be a win-win for both equity investor and farmer.

2012 PGG Wrightson Stud Tour

Learn more about Avalon Genetics from our appearance on the PGG Wrightson 2012 Stud Tour.

Country Calendar

In 2010, we appeared on New Zealand's iconic farming television program, Country Calendar.

Rural Delivery

Check out our appearance on Rural Delivery.

Rural Delivery 2005

Back in 2005 we appeared on the television program, Rural Delivery.

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