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AVALON Perendale

Avalon Perendale for the top farmer who wants high performance from less inputs. The market leader for worm resistance and dag score makes this the logical option to fight drench resistance or capsule use.

Key traits of Avalon's Perendale sheep are:

  • Nationally ranked for production traits in the New Zealand Perendale progeny trial

  • Achieving top performance with less time spent drenching and dagging

  • Multi-disease resistance to internal parasites

  • Facial eczema tolerant Ramguard™ testing at 0.40mg/kg

  • Rams sold New Zealand wide into all environments

The top ranked ram in New Zealand Perendale progeny trial was sired by an Avalon ram.

Using Avalon Perendales over the last 6 years on our 50% tussock, 50% cultivated property, we have increased our lambing percentage up to 149 % and our works lambs have increased to 18 kg CW. We lamb our ewe hoggets and this has been achieved while reducing their drenches down to just 3 after six years.”


Simon O'Meara

Wilden, West Otago

An Avalon Perendale ram is ranked in the top 10 rams in New Zealand in the seven year national Perendale progeny trial for production traits.

New Zealand Low Input Progeny Trial


The results are out for New Zealand’s first low input progeny trial which measured not just performance but also low input traits such as tail length, dag score and worm resistance.

Avalon ram 2318/15, a Texel/Perendale cross ranked third overall based on survival, growth, meat, worm FEC and dag score.

Of the three top rams, 2318/15 had the lowest dag score and shortest tail. He recorded an outstanding 100% result in hogget oestrus which was well above the other sixteen rams in the trial.

Avalon Genetics_6031_web.jpg

Avalon ram 2318/15 Texel/Perendale cross.

High performance at less cost of production. We operate a maximum one lifetime drench policy producing 13-15 lambs/ha. 17 kg cw lambs under organic farming conditions.

Multi-disease resistant genetics. 30 years selection for worm resistance plus dag score. 14 years selection for facial eczema tolerance - Ramguard™

Avalon – Dag Score Trait Leader


Avalon has been selecting for low dag score along with worm resistance for over 33years. Their Ultimate ram 3049/15 is the trait leader for dag score in New Zealand (SIL June 2020)

Three of the top 5 rams in New Zealand for dag score are Avalon rams. The top Perendale ram is also an Avalon ram (233/18 ranked 11th).

We don’t dock our Ultimate or Texel cross lambs and expect over 80% to remain dag free.

Rams not selected for dag score can be adding up to an extra $6,000 in crutching and dagging costs (based on contract pricing) over each rams 5-year breeding life.

Dag Score_JPG.JPG
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